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As a woman who has personally experienced extreme inflammation, mood swings, and weight gain, I understand the struggles that many face with these common issues, particularly as we age. Despite coaching over 500 clients in my 8 years as a nutrition and strength coach, finding solutions seemed elusive, with many believing these problems to be normal or hereditary.

However, after months of dedicated research, consultations with specialists, and trial and error, I have finally conquered my gut health issues. Gone are the mood swings, depression, and debilitating bloating that once plagued me relentlessly. These were issues I never thought would dissipate, despite trying countless remedies.

I realized that to achieve real change, I needed to break free from old habits. Thus, I prioritized my gut health above all else, even over my training and calorie deficit. Surprisingly, by nourishing my body more than ever before, I not only achieved a leaner physique but also discovered a newfound sense of well-being.

Having found the key to my own transformation, I am passionate about sharing this knowledge with as many women as possible. My hope is that by implementing these changes, others can experience life-changing results and embrace a happier, more confident, and joyful existence.

MY 44 page ebook 'GUT HEALTH IS WEALTH' Includes:

1 Self care and how it can help your gut issues.

2 A Gut loving simple morning routine.

3 Mental health contributions an tips on how to improve it.

4 My personal gut health journey with photos.

5 Helpful articles/daily journal prompts to track progress.

6 What to do and what not to do. Food & Supplements etc. 

7 The importance of gut health full step by step guide.

8 Gut friendly, easy Recipes and free digitaldaily journal download.

9 Symptoms and deseases that could be effecting your gut.

10 An example of what a healthy weekly meal plan would look like that will heal your gut.




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Born in Australia but spread across the globe, the visionaries behind MUSE had an epiphany – no matter where we come from, busy lifestyles unite us all. And there's one thing we universally crave: a stress-free life. That's why we set out to craft something extraordinary – a solution that empowers people to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle effortlessly, no matter where they are in the world! Introducing your new besty – the Fitness and Wellness Journal, making daily habits a breeze!