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Presenting the ultimate FIFO meal plan and program crafted for both women and men, providing a structured and healthier lifestyle while away. This comprehensive meal plan precisely outlines calorie intake and food choices, guiding you on understanding the calories that suit your needs.

Stay on track effortlessly while at work, cultivating solid habits with a fully prepared and easy-to-follow planIncluded in this program are four distinct meal plans tailored specifically for men and four equally customized options for women.

Each plan is carefully designed to meet the unique nutritional needs and preferences of both genders, ensuring a comprehensive and satisfying approach to maintaining a healthier and structured lifestyle while working awayIn addition to the meal plans, this comprehensive program features an all-inclusive 8-week fitness program meticulously crafted to align with your schedule.

Tailored around your work rotation, the program includes workout splits with detailed video instructions, specified reps and sets, as well as dedicated cardio days. Gain insights into effective bulking and cutting strategies, ensuring a holistic approach to achieving your fitness goals. Video resources are attached for easy and accessible guidance throughout your fitness journey.

Eliminate the guesswork and seize this incredible value for money that promises to revolutionize your approach to the workweek. Experience the transformation of your work life by implementing structure and routine, paving the way for a happier and healthier professional journey. This program is designed to make your job more enjoyable, offering unparalleled benefits that go beyond mere monetary value.



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Born in Australia but spread across the globe, the visionaries behind MUSE had an epiphany – no matter where we come from, busy lifestyles unite us all. And there's one thing we universally crave: a stress-free life. That's why we set out to craft something extraordinary – a solution that empowers people to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle effortlessly, no matter where they are in the world! Introducing your new besty – the Fitness and Wellness Journal, making daily habits a breeze!