Inflatable & portable chair and foot rest.

Inflatable & portable chair and foot rest.

Introducing our versatile inflatable chair with footstool, the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal, convenience, and exceptional comfort. Crafted with a luxurious suede finish, this chair offers a unique combination of style and functionality like nothing else on the market.

Its compact design makes it incredibly easy to travel with, and it inflates in minutes, providing instant relaxation wherever you are. Whether you're at home, lounging on your balcony, basking on the beach, or exploring the outback, this chair ensures you can unwind in ultimate comfort.

Experience the unmatched convenience and elegance of our inflatable chair, perfect for any setting and any adventure!



Shipping & Returns

1-5 day shipping AUSTRALIA WIDE.
14 days International.
7 days express.

Returns must be made within 30 days of item being delivered. Full refund minus postage.



Care Instructions

Keep hands clean and keep liquids away from journal.

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