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What You'll Get:

  1. 3 x muse fitness ebooks: 1 x gut health is wealth ebook valued at $50 1 x 8 week strong and fit valued at $60 1 x the ultimate meal guide valued at $100
  2. Fitness and wellness journal: our fitness journal that has been loved and sold over 5000 times worth $50.
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Got this meal plan just before summer as I wanted to lose 5 kilos however I was suffering from an injury so couldn't move much! I chose the 2100 calorie meal plan and I lost 5 kilos in less then 6 weeks! 

Simon Elton Bott

Great Results!

I've followed Sian (muse) for years now and have always loved her approach at a non restrictive diet. Also loved the recipes so decided to buy the meal plan (bloody bargain btw!) I lost 4 kilos in the 6 weeks and had so much more energy and muscle! Super happy and will recommend. 

jo saxby

such good value!

I HATED the thought of counting calories so when I found this meal plan, which did all the guess work for me I was STOKED! It taught me how many calories were in what and finally I was hitting my daily protein intake. My fitness has improved and the extra daily planner has helped me stay on track! 2 weeks in and feeling amazing! 

Tan Yi

such a yummy plan

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